MIGGY: Vocals 

SAL: Guitars

BRANDON: Guitars




San Antonio, Tx​



Formed by Miggy Sanchez (Ill Niño) and Gaston Flores in 2016, Relent's blend of hard rock and nu-metal creates a unique sound that carries the emotional weight of their lyrics. As of their recent release of “Heavy”, they have been predicted to be one of the biggest bands to come out of Texas's music scene. Relent is not just a band but a movement with a passion that can only be explained through the intensity of their live performances. They have toured across North America, hitting major festivals Rock Fest in Wisconsin where they headlined Budweiser's BoneYard stage, and opened for No Resolve at Blue Ridge Rock Fest in Virginia. 

Relent has a unique identity that bridges the gap between the active rock scene and Christian rock scene. With Miggy Sanchez being a current member of Ill Niño and Relent playing alongside Bad Wolves, Emmure, Stick To Your Guns, and more, they've also been featured at major Christian festivals such as Uprise, Loud and Proud (Germany), Lifest, and Audiofeed. Even though they are not labeled as a Christian band, It's easy to see that their place in the rock community isn't tied down, and it’s no wonder why fans from both camps are equally enthused about their music and performances. 

Relent is following up the ultra-impactful, Knot Fest-premiered Sophomore release of "Heavy" (that saw the hits "Low" and "Think You Got It" get extended airplay on SXM's Octane) with their latest EP, "World War Me" via Rockfest Records & Capitol Distribution. "World War Me" paints an external and internal struggle – a seed that teaches us if there's anything remotely close to an absolute, it's the end. Relent is stepping up to the plate and is ready for war – ready to take on mental health issues, power trips, abuse, and other struggles. Are you going to fight too?


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